The Perfect Career Move is out There Waiting for You!

Successfully navigate both the public and “secret” markets to find your ideal job, in the ideal industry, at the ideal salary.

“I will show you every step of the way how successful career moves are made in today’s world.”

As your personal career coach, I will help you develop a clear, concise plan that will determine your PERFECT career move and uncover a path toward attaining it. You’ll learn how to communicate the right way to the right audience while positioning yourself as the best candidate.

— GREG EMSLIE − Personal Career Coach

The Way People Make Career Moves has Changed.

Adapt Your Methods to what Works in Today’s Market.


Learn where your strengths are, how to read your audience to communicate effectively, and determine what type of career move matches your lifestyle, experience and passion.

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

Together, we’ll define your Vision, Mission and Purpose, develop your plan for the future, set goals and determine the best path to reach them.

The Hidden Job Market

Finding a job in the hidden market is a bit like entering through the back door and walking straight into the hiring manager’s office. Learn the “entry strategies” and how to navigate this part of the market.

Published Jobs and Recruiters

Fully understand how recruiters and published job listings work and develop your skills to become better equipped to succeed with them.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Resume Writing

Retool your resume and update your online profile to showcase your strengths in the most powerful career networking community.

Interviewing and Offer Negotiation

Understand and quickly recognize the different ways people communicate and use them to your advantage. Gauge your true worth and leverage it for salary negotiation.

Military to Civilian Career Coaching

Military to Civilian Career Clarity Coaching Program for Professionals.

Are you looking to make a smooth transition into civilian employment? This program is designed for recent military veterans who want to enter a new career in the next six months to one year.

Career Clarity Coaching

Are You Lost When it Comes to Finding the Best Fit?

This comprehensive program is designed to give you a clear idea of your perfect job, accelerate your search and help you avoid interviewing for positions that are not an ideal match.

College Student

College Major Coaching Program

Students, here’s your chance to get set up for a successful transition to college, remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with goals you are comfortable with, like and generally good at.

This comprehensive College Major Coaching Program (which can be completed in less than four hours) enables students to identify potential majors and professions that align with their strengths, abilities, personality and passions, and help them select colleges that support their goals.

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Complimentary Resume Review

If you’d like a professional review of your current resume, send it to me.

(As my personal Career Coach) Greg helped me understand where my strengths are and, through his unique program, helped me to see how to communicate those strengths to a broad group of people, which has helped me in the interview process. Everything Greg worked with me on was focused on how the message would come across in an interview. He helped me find clarity around my strengths and my message; and worked with me to develop a strategic plan which has included my Vision, Mission and Purpose. For anyone in Career Transition, I would highly recommend Greg as a coach to help you with the perfect job and perfect career.

Al N.

Financial Services, New York

If you even think you may need a career coach, or maybe just some guidance, Greg is definitely the one to go to; but only if you want honest feedback and great conversation. I know that he will be there for me in the future if I need to tweak my resume, or just to talk through mypre-interview jitters.

Deirdre Krul

Greater Detroit Area

Young Man at Laptop


Coronavirus and Your Career Search

Times are changing quickly. Disruption can have both positive and negative effects. The job market is no exception. Make no mistake, this is not the time to “pause” in your search. Double down, repackage yourself, go to where the opportunities are and, above all else, remain positive.

AMPC Career Tips

Whether you’re gainfully employed or exploring your next move, AMPC Career Tips will help keep you on track and, over time, give you the tools to rise to the top. We add a new tip each week, so keep checking back.

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