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Career Coaching

The way people make career moves has changed. I’ll help you to adapt your methods to what works in today’s market.

Get Help Choosing a College Major

Set yourself up for a successful transition from high school studies to your college major.

Business Coaching

Offering 1-on-1 or group coaching for business owners and independent professionals to accelerate their success.

“I will show you every step of the way how successful career moves are made in today’s world.”

As your personal coach, I will help you develop a clear, concise plan that will determine your PERFECT career move and uncover a path toward attaining it.

— GREG EMSLIE − Personal Career Coach

Get Help Selecting a College Major

Students, here’s your chance to get set up for a successful transition to college, remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with goals you are comfortable with, like and generally good at.

I’ll help you to identify potential majors and professions that align with your strengths, abilities, personality and passions.

College Student
Your Teen Magazine

It’s Not Too Late To Have Meaningful Gap Year

I spoke with Your Teen for Parents Magazine recently about taking a meaningful gap year.

A gap year is a good time to gain real-world experience, volunteer, and continue learning. If your child’s time is spent wisely, they could even eliminate the trap of a fifth year.

Military to Civilian Career Coaching

Military to Civilian Career Clarity Coaching Program for Professionals.

Are you looking to make a smooth transition into civilian employment? This program is designed for recent military veterans who want to enter a new career in the next six months to one year.

Career Clarity Coaching

Are You Lost When it Comes to Finding the Best Fit?

This comprehensive program is designed to give you a clear idea of your perfect job, accelerate your search and help you avoid interviewing for positions that are not an ideal match.

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Complimentary Resume Review

If you’d like a professional review of your current resume, send it to me.

(As my personal Career Coach) Greg helped me understand where my strengths are and, through his unique program, helped me to see how to communicate those strengths to a broad group of people, which has helped me in the interview process. Everything Greg worked with me on was focused on how the message would come across in an interview. He helped me find clarity around my strengths and my message; and worked with me to develop a strategic plan which has included my Vision, Mission and Purpose. For anyone in Career Transition, I would highly recommend Greg as a coach to help you with the perfect job and perfect career.

Al N.

Financial Services, New York

Making the decision about what college I would attend was pretty much settled by Christmas of my senior year. The choice of a major was much more difficult. I ultimately went to Penn State declaring Biology as my major. Through my first freshman semester, I felt anxiety and lots of trepidation about my choice. I was getting good grades, but really wasn’t happy. Over Christmas break, I took Mr. Emslie’s program. His assessments and coaching pointed me toward business. He helped me see what some of those careers might look like. It was like a weight was lifted off my chest. The program helped me uncover where my strengths and abilities lie. I’m now back at Penn State and taking classes that I like and look forward to and will count towards my major.


High School Student

Greg is an outstanding Coach Executive for anyone who is looking for a career change or improvement in their current job perspectives, improvement in networking skills, resume writing, corporate culture understanding, self improvement. Greg is also a superb motivator. Greg not only possesses an above average coaching skill, but he also had the corporate experience. Greg is direct, candid and a great communicator. If you need help in your career, I don´t know who else to recommend.

Andre Nascimento


Video Conferencing


COVID-19 Virtual Interviews – Let’s Get You Prepared!

Parts of our society will forever be changed by what we’re currently dealing with. Video conferencing will become the standard, since “not everyone is in the office.” Rest assured, the early rounds of interviewing will be done more regularly through video conferencing. So, what does that mean for all of us?

AMPC Career Tips

Whether you’re gainfully employed or exploring your next move, AMPC Career Tips will help keep you on track and, over time, give you the tools to rise to the top. We add a new tip each week, so keep checking back.

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