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Together, we developed a clear, concise plan that determined their PERFECT career move and a path toward attaining it.

The service is excellent and most valuable. The exercises and assignments were thought-provoking and did help me with clarification. Coach Greg was very professional, but also approachable and easy and fun to work with. I looked forward to each and every session.

Kathy M.D.

Greg is an outstanding Coach Executive for anyone who is looking for a career change or improvement in their current job perspectives, improvement in networking skills, resume writing, corporate culture understanding, self improvement. Greg is also a superb motivator. Greg not only possesses an above average coaching skill, but he also had the corporate experience. Greg is direct, candid and a great communicator. If you need help in your career, I don´t know who else to recommend.

Andre Nascimento


I came across Greg’s event one day and it was completely booked for later in the evening. As soon as it was over, he responded to me via email. I decided to leave him a voicemail, but instead, he picked up and provided a wealth of knowledge for the next 1.5 hours. These were not the career coaching principles we hear repeatedly, over and over again. Greg, thanks for giving advice I’ll be using throughout my career! Your honorable business/sales principles will undoubtedly keep the amazing karma/wishes coming your way.

Jennifer Jung

Product Development

(As my personal Career Coach) Greg helped me understand where my strengths are and, through his unique program, helped me to see how to communicate those strengths to a broad group of people, which has helped me in the interview process. Everything Greg worked with me on was focused on how the message would come across in an interview. He helped me find clarity around my strengths and my message; and worked with me to develop a strategic plan which has included my Vision, Mission and Purpose. For anyone in Career Transition, I would highly recommend Greg as a coach to help you with the perfect job and perfect career.

Al N.

Financial Services, New York

I did not know what to expect from a career coach; it honestly seemed like a service for someone well above my pay grade. Greg put me at ease and assured me that all this self-doubt was normal when someone finds themselves at a career crossroad. He also informed me that most of his clients are employed like me, and most do not have an extensive network of people to rely on.

Deirdre Krul

Greater Detroit Area

I worked with Greg in an effort to develop and refine my message and value statement throughout the interview processes. The time and energy Greg brought to the process has been immeasurable in my estimation. He focused on the process in a very diligent and professional manner unlike anyone else I have ever worked with before. Greg worked with me to help me see exactly who I am and what my natural style of communication was. We then worked together to develop unique value statement and messaging tools as a team to refine the message. Greg is a true professional who understands that everyone communicates in a different style. He gave me the tools to quickly identify those styles in an interview so that I can deliver my value statement to a diverse audience in their natural communication style and create engagement. What I learned from Greg was that everyone comes to an interview with similar skills. I now know how to communicate my skills and value in a manner that the interviewer can relate to and understand. This ability will help separate me from the rest of the competition. I would strongly recommend Greg to anyone who is searching or thinking about searching for a job. Greg is a professional, cares about your success and will help you build a better self.

Bruce Wilder

Sales Leader, Seattle, WA

I used Greg as my Career Coach and would highly recommend him for anyone in career transition. Prior to engaging with Greg, I was sending resumes to any online job that looked like the right title or pay grade. After working with Greg, I now have absolute clarity about the type of position I will excel at. I am clear about what my true strengths are, and what I am exceptionally good at. I know the type of company I want to work for, and I can see what the perfect environment and culture fit are for me. I know what type of boss I will work well with, and I now know how to communicate this value to a wide variety of audiences throughout the interview process. In short, Greg gave me extreme clarity about what the perfect job, the perfect company and the perfect career will look like.

D. M.

Truck Rental Industry

It was the depth of the first conversation that had me sold. I had been looking to clean up my resume and LinkedIn, and before Greg, I felt that I didn’t have enough to show on paper. With Greg, I understood how to articulate the value of my experience, how the details that I felt inconsequential were significant, and how to present myself as a valuable contributor to industry. I took the first step to A More Perfect Career, and I am confident that the next steps with Greg will be as substantial and successful as the first.

William Hinson

Project Engineer

Throughout my business career, I have worked work with a variety of coaches. I recently had the pleasure of working with career coach, Greg Emslie. Even though some of the material was familiar, what he presented was deeper and more meaningful than I had experienced with previous coaches. In addition, Greg takes the information beyond understanding into real-world application. He took particular care to ensure that I understood the broader implications and how to identify, practice and utilize the information. Over the course of our five hours, Greg showed an insight and understanding that helped me dig deep and come to some realizations about my professional life I had not considered. As a career coach, Greg’s knowledge and professionalism far surpass anything I have seen, and the value I received from our sessions together is above and beyond what I expected.

Christopher H.

When I started working with Greg, I had no idea where I was going with my career. Over the course of a few sessions, I started developing clarity about where my strengths are, what behaviors motivated me, and what my overreaching vision is for the future. This clarity allowed me to create a clear, sharp message about what is important to me and how to communicate that message. Without Greg’s help, I would have found a job, but it would have been a job, not the perfect job or perfect career.

Nicci S.


Greg was great at guiding me through our exercises and helping me connect the dots. He was great at asking questions that enabled me to think about deeper the meaning/reasoning behind who I am and what I want. This service was incredibly valuable to me, thank you! 


Los Angeles, CA

I thought Greg did a great job helping me work through things and come up with a vision of what I do best and what kind of place I’d like to work.

Greg M.

Flint, MI

Greg helped me to search within about who I am, what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for. He turned my whole view around when we discussed the fact that I am a community leader with a vision, and that people actually follow me. Because of that, I took on the role of Chairperson for the Pittsburgh Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This group is now counting on me to be THE leader and ultimate decision maker.

Robert O.

Pittsburgh, PA

Over the past couple of months, I have worked with Greg on a few key situations surrounding our business. Greg quickly zeroed in on the core issues and has shown a way to resolve these situations to allow our business to grow. Greg showed us ways to get closer to our customers adding tremendous value to our firm. Our company is looking forward to long-term dividends from the practices that Greg has helped us to put into place. 

Sharon R.

CPA Firm

Clarity coaching with Greg far surpassed my expectations. The process Greg coached me through was well-thought-out and incredibly enlightening. I gained real knowledge about the way I communicate, the way others communicate, and how to bring it all together to make a powerful impact in an interview. Greg walked me through the process of setting realistic goals and showed me how to set action items with those goals to give me a roadmap for success. The entire process of finding a job is now much less intimidating, and I am very clear on where my value is and how I can communicate it effectively in an interview. There are multiple parts to finding a job. Greg coached me through the parts no one ever thinks about. I would highly recommend Greg and his system if you are in the process of career transition.

Sharon B.

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