College Major Coaching Program

from Personal Career Coach Greg Emslie

Public college costs exceed $20,000 per year. Private colleges are usually more than $40,000 per year.

Studies indicate that almost 60% of college students will not graduate on time, with nearly 50% of those cases being due to switching majors.

This comprehensive College Major Coaching Program (which can be completed in less than four hours) is designed to give the student a clear idea of the career path that fits them. The program enables students to identify potential majors and professions that align with their strengths, abilities, personality and passions, and help them select colleges that support their goals.

As a College Major Coaching Program participant, you will:

  • Reveal your natural traits to help determine an education path that suits your academic strengths
  • Determine where your true passions lie to help uncover career options to leverage them
  • Bring clarity to your college selection process and reduce the stress of your decision making

This program will help the student and their family reduce the anxiety of selecting the right college major.

Students, here’s your chance to get set up for a successful transition to college, remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with goals you are comfortable with, like and generally good at.

Over the course of two sessions, we will undertake assessments and coach students and their families to help bring clarity to selecting the right college major. Students will benefit from some of the most thorough and extensive assessments available today, along with knowledge about themselves, to increase their chances of success in determining a suitable career path.

This Two-part College Major Coaching Program will help you:

Dramatically reduce the chances of switching majors and graduating later

Identify 3-4 career families that precisely align with your abilities, skills, strengths and passions

Drill down to determine your 3-4 ideal career paths, related job titles and expected salaries

Bring clarity and consensus to the college selection process for the entire family

Meet the Coach

Through his own experiences, Greg Emslie has seen the financial and emotional toll that choosing the wrong major in college can have on a student and their family. Those experiences led him to develop this program to help guide students and parents through the college major selection process.

“As your personal coach, I’m here to help you find the career path that suits you best.

Let’s get started today!”

There is So Much More than Just Figuring out what College to Choose

Read a real-life scenario about the financial and emotional toll that choosing the wrong major in college can have on a student and their family. We’re thankful to Lauren for sharing her experience and hope you find it helpful as you embark on selecting your college major.

During my senior year of high school, I was positive that I wanted to become an Anesthesiologist. I was going to major in Pre-Med and ultimately make tons of money. But I took a class in criminology that year and really loved it. My summer was filled with a lot of anxiety and frustration about what the future held. I went into college with an “undecided major” and, as a result, had a lot of classes that were expensive but didn’t do much for me. Mr. Emslie’s program outlined that medicine was probably not aligned very well with my interests, skills, passion and strengths. Criminology, however, was. But it was not offered at my college. I withdrew and re-enrolled at another school where I am now happy and comfortable. If I had found Mr. Emslie’s program sooner, it would have confirmed what I thought in the back of my mind and it would have saved lots of time, money, sleepless nights, anxiety-filled days, not to mention six days of moving in and out of different colleges. The program is quick, effective and accurate.


After your coaching sessions during Christmas break, my daughter went back to school with renewed energy and enthusiasm. She immediately changed her major to business and is looking at “Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” She is relaxed, the anxiety is gone, and she is excited about her future. She likes her classes and is excited about a future in business. Thank you for your help!

Deb J.

Making the decision about what college I would attend was pretty much settled by Christmas of my senior year. The choice of a major was much more difficult. I ultimately went to Penn State declaring Biology as my major. Through my first freshman semester, I felt anxiety and lots of trepidation about my choice. I was getting good grades, but really wasn’t happy. Over Christmas break, I took Mr. Emslie’s program. His assessments and coaching pointed me toward business. He helped me see what some of those careers might look like. It was like a weight was lifted off my chest. The program helped me uncover where my strengths and abilities lie. I’m now back at Penn State and taking classes that I like and look forward to and will count towards my major.


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