Not that long ago, as the calendar turned to 2019, many of you out there got on the, “I want to lose weight and get in shape” bandwagon. For the majority of you, as we peel the days away in March, the “working out 4-5 days per week” has faded to one day, or even none. However, there is a group of you who approached this turning point in your life with the knowledge that you did not posses the skills needed to be successful, or make the absolute best use of your time, or keep up the motivation to “stay with it.” So, you hired a personal trainer. Today, nearly three months later, you see the transformation in your body, you feel better about yourself and you know you are on the road to success.

There is a direct correlation between what a personal trainer does for your body and what a career coach does for your career. In fact, I tell all my clients to think of me as their trainer. There are many parts of a successful job or career search. The right coach has the tools and knowledge to help you along the way and, more importantly, push you when you want to give up.

Setting the Baseline

Many of the people I see in my practice are looking for clarity about what they want their next position to be. What is the perfect job? What is the perfect industry? Based on their past experiences, they know what they do not want. Using targeted assessments, personal inventory questionnaires and insightful interviewing, a coach can help you uncover the answers to “What do I want to do?” It’s no different than the personal trainer who will put you through a similar session to baseline your strength and cardio, understand your goals and develop a plan.

Determining the Plan to Get You There

When you have achieved clarity about your next steps, your coach/trainer will get to work helping you with the tactical part of achieving your career goals: resumes, LinkedIn profile and tactics, networking, interview preparation, etc. These are all the parts of the plan your coach will demonstrate to you and then allow you to do on your own. Each step of the way, your coach/trainer will be there pushing you, guiding you, motivating you and helping you achieve success. In the same way a trainer helps guide you to success in the gym, your coach will help guide you to success in your career.

Coaching Makes Sense

For many out there, hiring a personal trainer to help achieve success in fitness is a perfectly natural decision. But, when looking at achieving success with their career, they might not consider hiring a coach. Today’s environment is competitive. Your career and your job are where you will spend the majority of your time and energy in the coming years. Does it make sense to invest in a trainer to help coach you through the proper methods for achieving success?

Complimentary Resume Review

If you’d like a professional review of your current resume, send it to me.

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