That depends. Are you really serious about finding a new job? Then, the answer is, “NO!”

There is a false perception that hiring stops between Thanksgiving and the year-end holidays. While it doesn’t necessarily stop, it may change a bit. Your search methods should change, as well.

Admittedly, many companies and people are distracted at the end of the year. There is a lot going on between the final push to make yearly goals, holiday parties (quickly becoming obsolete), personal days off and holiday shutdowns. However, there are just as many companies that remain focused and looking to get off to a fast start after the New Year. These companies are hiring. There are just as many companies that are in hiring freezes until the new money comes in on January 1. These companies are hiring. The fourth quarter is the time where many forecasts are finalized and the need for new personnel is recognized. These companies are hiring. There are quite a few more reasons why companies are hiring in December. But, it is certainly happening.

There are also just as many companies using December to “slow down.” Hiring may stop, but, generally, interviewing does not. Many companies restrict travel (for cost saving) at year end. That means hiring managers are in the office. It’s a great time for them to start looking to fill that position they have been too busy to get to during the previous three months. Companies start reflecting on the past year and recognize where they need people in the first quarter. Many of these companies start interviewing in Q4.

Capitalize on the Season

The holidays are generally recognized as a time for socializing. It is seen as a time to warmly reach out to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to wish them a joyous, safe and happy holiday season. Your job search should do the same. Use this time of year to reach out to your first-degree connections (more on that in a future article). Send a card or email to ALL the hiring managers you have interviewed with the past year. Change Your Methods to Get More Social. Go back over your list, review meaningful conversations from the year, and reach out to those people with a 10-minute phone call. The idea here is to capitalize on the season. The season is social in nature. Make your job search reflect that. Take time to enjoy being social. Its great practice, and it pays dividends. Additionally, people naturally want to help during the holidays. This might be the time that one of these phone calls gets someone thinking about an opportunity that is ideally suited to you.

Every year, people get hired between December 26 and 31. So, no, you should not pause or slow down your job search during the holidays. Adjust it to fit the season, enjoy being social and you may be rewarded later in the month.

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