Help Them Make a Soft Landing and Find the Path to Their Perfect Move.

As their personal career coach, I will show them how to navigate today’s job market and uncover new employment opportunities.

I will Show Them Every Step of the Way how Successful Career Moves are Made in Today’s World.

While terminating employees may be out of your control, how you handle it is not. My outplacement services will help you to demonstrate to laid-off or downsized employees that you care enough to help them land on their feet and move on. Remember, displaced employees remain in touch with their former colleagues and can write online reviews. By making their experience a meaningful and productive one, your chances of preserving your company’s reputation will increase.

Outplacement Services and Business Coaching

Outplacement Services

Not only can I help those who have been displaced, there’s a proven ROI associated with outplacement services by reducing exposure to litigation, positively impacting employee morale and enhancing company loyalty.


I offer a full suite of assessment services designed to help them identify their strengths and areas where they will be most successful.

Group Coaching and Customized Plans

I can develop a custom plan that aligns with your company’s culture and helps those who are impacted by layoffs or corporate downsizing.

Sales, Time Management and Leadership Coaching

I work tirelessly with leaders to improve areas of team, sales, leadership, profits, decision making, execution, delegation and productivity.
Displaced Employee Outplacement

Five Benefits of Offering Outplacement Services

  1. Outplacement can reduce the pain.
  2. Outplacement can protect your reputation.
  3. Outplacement puts you on solid ground with those who remain.
  4. The terminated employee who receives outplacement assistance will get a new job faster.
  5. Outplacement protects against legal claims.

Together, We Can Turn an Unfortunate Outplacement into a Successful Transition.

Let’s Help Them Today!

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What I learned from Greg was that everyone comes to an interview with similar skills. I now know how to communicate my skills and value in a manner that the interviewer can relate to and understand. This ability will help separate me from the rest of the competition.
Bruce Wilder

Sales Leader, Seattle, WA

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