In your quest to land THE PERFECT JOB, how does communication benefit you? I can tell you that, from my experience with clients, you can have all the qualifications in the world. But, if you cannot communicate to the person across the desk from you in their style, your message will most likely be lost. Let’s look at a real-life example to illustrate this.

You are a “High I” (Influencer) personality. You communicate in a relaxed manner. You ask questions to “break the ice” and get to know someone. You are energetic and enthusiastic. You are friendly and warm. You are positive and conversational. You do all this naturally without stress. You do it to build rapport and trust. You believe, based on your behavioral style, this is what the situation calls for. “How can they consider hiring me if they don’t like and trust me?” If you are Interviewing with a “High C” (Conscientious) type, you will lose the job in the first ten minutes of the interview. What stinks is that you are qualified, and you are a great fit for the position. Do you know how to recognize a “High C”? More importantly, do you know how to communicate with them?

The DISC assessment has been around for many years. It is a powerful tool that, when used to its fullest capacity, can put any candidate far above the rest of the pack, even if they do not have the best credentials or qualifications. Unfortunately, many coaches I speak with use only half the power of DISC or have opted to go to other “trendier” assessments. Using DISC to its fullest teaches people about their communication and behavioral styles. This is the first half of the equation. The other half teaches you how to recognize the style of the person you are with and communicate to them in their style. This is the half most people never learn. However, this is the MOST POWERFUL part of DISC and, when used correctly, it will help you land THE PERFECT JOB.

In addition to the spoken word, DISC also comes into play while writing letters and emails. While on the job hunt, if you send a follow-up or thank you letter to a “High S” (Steadiness) but it’s written as a “High D” (Dominance), the person will think you are irreverent and, maybe worse, a poor writer.

DISC is a neutral language. There is no right or wrong. It is not a personality or IQ test. DISC can be observed at work in every region of the world. The key to DISC is less about the words that are spoken and more about the way in which they are spoken. One thing is for certain. Learn how to use DISC to your advantage and your ability to land THE PERFECT JOB will increase ten-fold.   

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