We have all had instances where, when interacting with someone new, we immediately developed a “rapport” with them or they completely “alienated” us. How does this “secret chemistry” play into the process of getting hired for The Perfect Job?

Take a moment and think about all the different types of people out there. Some like a direct approach. Others like to socialize a bit and have some fun. Some people like traditional proven products, while others like new and flashy. Many people use data to make decisions, while others go with their gut. Some people like time to think, while others appear to be almost impulsive. Still, some are comfortable with a touch on the arm or shoulder, while others will cringe at close personal contact like that. How do you know what the person across the table from you wants, and how do you avoid a critical misstep in the interview process?

The Four Dimensions of Language and Communication

Understanding the four dimensions of language and communication is the key. DISC is a universal language spoken in all countries and all cultures. It is observable and, therefore, we can use it to help us communicate in similar styles of the person we are interacting with. Communicate in a similar style (language) to the person across from you and your chances of success increase dramatically.

Using some quick and simple observations can help us identify the style of the person we are speaking with. Run this checklist through your head and you will find it is surprisingly easy to identify the language the person across from you wants to speak in.

  • Is the person Introverted or extroverted? D and I styles are extroverted. S and C styles are introverted
  • Is the person people-oriented or task-oriented? I and S styles are people-oriented. D and C styles are task-oriented.

Practice and Patience

Learning how to communicate with others in their style is something that takes some time and practice.  However, using those two simple instructions above should help you to get started. Being aware is the first step to a successful outcome. As you interact with family friends and coworkers start to try to identify what bucket they fall in. This awareness and practice will help immensely when you find yourself in an interviewing situation trying to land The Perfect Job.

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